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Lotto Winners

  • Won $150* playing the $500 Card

    james f

    Davenport, IA

  • Won $150* playing the $1,000.00 Card

    james s

    Houston, TX

  • Won $150* playing the $1500 Card

    Jeff G

    Sardinia, OH

  • Won $150* playing the $1500 Card

    Daniel R

    Washington, DC

  • Won $150* playing the $5,000 VIP Card

    Sharon B

    Boca Raton, FL

  • Won $150* playing the $10,000 Card

    Rick Z

    Marble Falls, TX

  • Won $150* playing the $30,000 VIP Card

    carl C

    Bolingbrook, IL

  • Won $150* playing the $500 VIP Card

    carrell h

    Laurel, MS

Instant Winners

Top Winners

  • $20000 Cash

    Cathy F.

    Laramie, WY

  • $5,000 Cash

    wayne K.

    South Jordan, UT

  • $2500 Cash

    charles m.

    Chicago, IL

Recent Winners

  • $100 Cash

    Dominick S.

    Birmingham, AL

  • $100 Cash

    Paul S.

    Montgomery, AL

  • $100 Cash

    Dennis Z.

    Dallas, TX

  • $100 Cash

    Cathy C.

    Crossville, AL

  • $100 Cash

    Sean C.

    Las Vegas, NV

*Represents a shared prize that may be split among multiple winners.


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