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PCHlotto has so many ways to win cash or score tokens! You can play Power Prize, Mega Prize, Life is Rich, Pick 6, Bingo Bucks, Tic Tac Go, Set for Life, and more!

To play Power Prize, simply Pick 8 Numbers, plus your Power# for your chance at the jackpot! Your Power # will follow you for the day. Check out the Match Key for details on how the Power# can increase any partial cash win or token payout on the Power Prize lotto cards. Your Power# pick will lock-in on the site(s) for the day.

The Mega Prize gives you chances to win up to $2.5 million dollars! Plus, all PCHlotto cards you play give you a shot at winning cash or scoring tokens by matching all or some of your numbers (See "Match Key" for additional details). Life is Rich could win you up to $1,000,000, Bingo Bucks could win you up to $5,000, Tic Tac Go could win you up to $1,000, Pick 6 could win you up to $100, $10K State of Play could win you up to $10,000, and Set for Life could win you $500 a week for life! Plus, you get a shot to unlock a Power Number Bonus Game that could land you up to $10,000!

Claim your tokens by revisiting each PCH site where you played PCHlotto cards the previous day (including desktop, mobile and the PCHlotto app). All scored tokens will be added to your Token Bank automatically upon your return before 11:59PM ET the day after your cards were played. (Please note: if you have scored tokens and do not return to claim them, they will be forfeited). Cash Winners will be notified and prizes fulfilled in accordance with the Official Rules.


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Find out if you Won Cash or Scored Tokens by checking the Match Key below!

Find out how much you could win if you match all 8 numbers by checking the multiplier Match Key below.

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